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Curating performing arts/Montreal, revitalizing American Studies/Newark, improving quality of life in South Africa/Stellenbosch – by Neil Baldwin

[One of the many benefits of running a virtual interdisciplinary Center like the CRC is the ‘news and views’ we receive from our diverse listserv friends around the nation and the world. This month, we chose just three recent notices to bring to the wider attention of our readership.  We were impressed by the intensity […]

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Big Issues Transcend Disciplines in the Arts & Humanities – by Neil Baldwin

The Creative Research Center attends the Regional Committee Planning Meeting for the November 3-5, 2011 Association of American Colleges & Universities Network for Academic Renewal Conference on The Arts and Humanities Within Liberal Education at the Westin Providence Hotel, convened December 3, 2010.  “A community of self-governing citizens, a demos, understands, creates, and reinvigorates itself through culture. It is […]

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