New Posts:

  • When posting a message, identify yourself, including your name, affiliation and email address.
  • Be specific in the subject line of the email, previewing the content of your post.

Replying to posts:

  • When replying to a message, include only the relevant information to which you are responding.  Be sure to delete the header from the previous message, and place your response at the top of your message.
  • Take “personal conversations” off the list; please direct individual messages to the appropriate person off-list, utilizing that person’s provided email address.

Unsolicited Emails:

  • Do not post commercial messages.
  • Refrain from posting chain letters.


  • Challenging or attacking others is bad etiquette.  Please remember that without benefit of facial expressions or spoken intonations, it is easier to take offense in a text-based environment; thus, word your posts and replies appropriately.  Along these same lines, do not type in capital letters, as this give the appearance of yelling.
  • Never send an email in anger.
  • “Getting the last word” is for children.
  • Agree to disagree


  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are prohibited.

Ultimately, remember to:

  • Say something substantial and/or say something new.  Monitor previous posts and replies to be sure that you are not egregiously repeating information.
  • Remember that you are being judged by the quality of your contributions.
  • Be civil; respect the rights of others.

(With grateful acknowledgement to the American Library Association International Relations Round Table)

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