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Fashion Studies at Montclair State – “Dazzling” Historic Costume Exhibition – by Alexandra Thelin

A great museum exhibition is a thrill to behold. A variety of historic artifacts on display in cases with a blurb describing each item, whether it be a collection of paintings from the Abstract Expressionist period; a room of Medieval wall tapestries; or mannequins wearing American women’s fashion from 1880-1940 — there is something about […]

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“Theatrical Darwinism” and “Artworlds” – A Fresh Approach via Pierre Bourdieu – by Laura Cirigliano and Ronald Sharps

How do you think theater should evolve in order to make it more sustainable?  What needs does theater fill in the U.K. and the U.S. and how can we cater to these needs so that this art form continues to thrive in an economic downturn? By the time CRC visitors to a new blog by […]

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