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Bearing Witness to 9/11 – A filmmaker’s story – by Beverly Peterson

New York City June 1, 2011 Dear Neil:  Thank you for asking me to provide some personal and artistic background as preface to my 20-minute film [click on the link to view it now:] 71 West Broadway: Ground Zero, NY. For fifteen years, my husband, Farrell, and I lived within 3 blocks of the World […]

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“Theatrical Darwinism” and “Artworlds” – A Fresh Approach via Pierre Bourdieu – by Laura Cirigliano and Ronald Sharps

How do you think theater should evolve in order to make it more sustainable?  What needs does theater fill in the U.K. and the U.S. and how can we cater to these needs so that this art form continues to thrive in an economic downturn? By the time CRC visitors to a new blog by […]

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