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Science is Imagination – by Phil Plait

“The mind that’s afraid to toy with the ridiculous will never create the brilliantly original…” – David Brin, Brightness Reef People don’t understand science. And I don’t mean that your average person doesn’t understand how relativity works, or quantum mechanics, or biochemistry. Like any advanced study, it’s hard to understand them, and it takes a lifetime […]

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The Scientific Imagination and Sustainability – by Michael F. Weinstein

In sustainability science, we often speak about “thresholds” or “tipping points,” those that move ecosystems or the processes therein to new stable (or unstable) states.  My own interest in pursuing this discipline did not originate as identifiable milestones, epiphanies or single moments of enlightenment, but rather from individually small, cumulative impacts that gradually drew me into […]

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