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The Landscape of Memory: Why Historical Sites Still Matter – by Danny Heitman

CRC Editor’s Note:  On May 28th, as I was preparing this insightful and nostalgic essay by Danny Heitman for posting here, I took an (ostensible) “break” and clicked on where I found Danny’s powerful piece on the catastrophic BP oil spill, Louisiana, land of Audubon…and now? *                                    *                                    * A couple of years ago, while writing a book about […]

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The Implications of Weight Gain in Pregnancy: A Scientist’s Personal Experience Inspires Her Research to Help Future Generations – by Diana Thomas

CRC Editor’s Note – On June 5th, the very same day we received Diana Thomas’s essay, I picked up The New York Times and saw this article on the front page: Growing Obesity Increases Perils of Childbearing. *                        *                        * I had always been athletic and slim if even on the overly skinny side until about 12 years ago.  I […]

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