Spring Break Dreams

Since it’s spring break time, I confess that I’d love to be a travel writer. I often bring a journal on vacation, or use hotel stationery, jotting down my reactions to the sights, the people, or the food of the place I’m visiting.  Sometimes I recap the day using the pictures I’ve taken or brochures from museums as a prompt for capturing the memories of the day.

The stories I like to tell the most center on the unexpected—the misadventures that can be funny or frightening.  Getting lost is one of the best ways to find travel treasures that map-toting tourists on guided excursions never get to see.  Just like good essay writing, in travel writing, the narrower the better.  A busload of Parisian students visiting the Eiffel Tower and squeezing into the elevator with you can provide pages of interesting details that the tour book explanation of the landmark may not inspire.

I have heard that travel writers get paid very little, but the perks might make up for the low pay.  After all, you don’t have to stay in five star hotels or eat at expensive restaurants to enjoy traveling. As the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam notes, “A loaf or bread, a jug of wine and thou…”  Add a journal to capture the simple pleasures of travel and anyplace in the world can be remembered as paradise.

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  • Nicole Wittenburg says:


    I always wished I would write more on vacation. Every time I go to the beach I bring a notebook thinking I will sit there in the sun, inspired by creation in all its glory, and write write write! But alas, that never seems to happen. I like your idea of using pictures for inspiration, because then you can still do some travel writing without having to stop in the middle of sightseeing or relaxing to do it!


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