If I could write about anything I wanted to, I would definitely take the time to do some creative writing.  I am at heart a creative writer and have not had the chance to take a creative-writing class, (or write creatively for fun), since my junior year of college when I took Creative Non-Fiction Writing with Dr. James Nash (who has, sadly, retired).  I am currently an English major (duh) and am concentrating in Writing Studies, but seldom have the time to write creatively for school.  I should mention that I am very happy with my concentration because I think it is forcing me to write more analytically.  I am also learning how to teach others to write analytically—clearly these are two attributes that I will find useful as a writing teacher.  The scholarship I read and the papers I write about writing studies are very useful but I would love to take a break and write creatively for a bit.

Since I am a full-time student, I do not have much time for this now but when I graduate this August, I plan to start writing for fun again.  I have always wanted to write a novel that may one day evolve into a play or movie script.  After I graduate, I plan to start brainstorming on this.

When I was in middle school, I wrote this massive movie script that was a spoof on soap operas.  It started out small but then I revised it into a lengthy script that contained three acts (there I go revising to death again)!   I cannot wait until I have the time to devote to a project like this–maybe this time Hollywood will buy it!

So far, I do not know what my novel will be about but I am looking for inspiration everywhere.  So if you see me in the fall, consider being my muse and providing me with inspiration for my novel…if it goes bestseller, I’ll remember you!

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  • Nicole Wittenburg says:


    I think it’s great that you have a whole script under your belt, even if you did write it a while ago. In this case, I think your knack for revising really was a blessing! Doing some creative writing after your thesis will be a nice treat! Maybe you should share some of it with us here at the CWE!


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