Editing tips

What is the best way to edit?  Try to remove yourself from your ideas and become a reader.  Do your words make sense, or were they understandable because you “knew” what you were trying to say?  I try to go back and ask, “if I never sat in the class, or read the text, or wrote this myself, could I still follow the ideas?”  If not, give more explanation of your points, watch for run-ons, and eliminate convoluted clauses that should be fully thought out sentences.

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  • Nicole Wittenburg says:


    I think removing yourself as much as possible is very important once you arrive at the editing stage of writing. I try to take one sentence at a time and really critique it for meaning, style, and language. Then I back up and do the same thing for each paragraph. I know it may seem illogical to do sentence revision before a paragraph revision, but sometimes when I change the language in individual sentences and condense my wording, it has the effect of making the whole paragraph more cohesive and fluent.


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