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What is the ‘best?’

I’m sad to say that I’m not sure what is the ‘best thing’ I’ve ever written, likely because I have writing goals that I have not yet accomplished; for instance, I am in the process of writing my Master’s Thesis, which I hope will prove to be an asset to MSU, but I haven’t finished […]

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Creative writing: It’s okay to be selfish.

I would have to say that my best writing is the creative work I do for fun. Although I have been successful in my academic writing, creative writing is where I thrive. Sometimes I am prompted by classes to write a specific creative piece but once I get started, I am writing for myself. I […]

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Looking Back, Looking Within

Picture immigrants who arrive in a new country and, after just one generation, lose their heritage and native culture. Students at MSU, who are first or second generation Americans, may have a difficult time fathoming this loss. Many students I meet on campus speak the language of their parents or grandparents as well as English; […]

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