A Reader Response to Inspirational Authors

Several authors have provided me with moments of inspiration.  The first that comes to mind is Ralph Waldo Emerson who stated in his essay “The Transcendentalist,” “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”   This quote is so simple and yet so true.  I have applied this quote to my life as a writer.  Although writing is a collaborative process, it is also a personal journey and one should always desire inner peace.

The next author who comes to mind is Robert Frost.  The last lines from his poem “The Road not Taken,” are framed and hanging on my bedroom wall: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  I stumbled (or should I say “re-stumbled”) upon this poem around the time I was completing my B.A. and applying to graduate school.  It reminded me that I took the path less traveled along my academic journey and I should be proud of my success.  In graduate school I am surrounded by people who are pursuing advanced degrees, or already have them.  It’s easy to forget that not “everyone” is doing what we are doing and we indeed have taken the road less traveled.

The last author that comes to mind is Mary Shelley.  Her novel Frankenstein is my favorite book—I’m not sure why, I just really like it!  Mary Shelley was a powerful and talented female author who was able to emerge in a male dominated society.

While composing this blog, I am reminded that although an author’s intent while writing is indeed valuable, what’s more important is what we, as individuals, take away from a piece of writing. If something inspires you write it down.  You never know how meaningful it could potentially be to you later.

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