Technology and Nature

What’s my favorite way to write? Where do I begin? As an instructor of English and a writing consultant, I find myself writing every day and in every way. I write dozens of emails and text messages for both professional and personal purposes. I’m constantly writing comments for students and designing lesson plans. I even have time to write for fun from time to time.

I suppose my favorite mode of writing is writing through technology. I strongly believe in the power of revision and word processors allow me to revise my work easily and more effectively. I enjoy typing over writing by hand and I like the way computers store everything so neatly. If I was not met with all the demands of my profession, I would love to sit down with my laptop somewhere pretty–like a room overlooking the ocean or a park on a spring day–and write a novel. Technology and nature…why not?

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  • janet says:

    I still bring paper and pen outside, even if it’s in my own backyard. I think nature stimulates the creative senses and also provides inspiring sights and sounds, like birds singing or flowers, rather than the television creating a distraction. I don’t see why technology can’t enter the outdoor creative mix…in fact with cameras you could instantly add visuals to your text.


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