Because I’m a technophobe…

It’s inconvenient and old-fashioned, but my favorite way to write is by hand, with a pen and paper.  I usually have a little notebook in my purse, one in my car, and a few at home “just in case.” I try to do some creative writing whenever I have free time, which admittedly isn’t often, so I bring the notebooks with me to sneak in 15 minutes of writing here and there.

I like carrying around the little notebook because I jot down things I want to remember, usually material I’ll want to use while writing later. If someone says something particularly interesting, I’ll write it down. If I get an idea for a story, I’ll write it down. This helps especially for describing towns or scenes: I’ll go somewhere and write down everything that seems important for the reader to know and feel as though he or she is actually there.

When I had to write stories for my fiction workshop classes, I only used the computer for the sake of time, but there was something a little less satisfying about it. When I’m typing, I only hear the clicking of the keys. When I’m writing, I hear the pen scribbling across the page and slashing out words, and my hands turning, ripping, or crumpling pages.  When I’m typing, I can easily delete sentences/paragraphs/pages, but when I’m writing, the words are there to stay. I can see how I struggled with a particular description or scene and how I arrived at my ultimate choice of words.  For me, writing by hand is a more personal experience (down to the dull ache I get in my right hand)…even though I was able to finish this blog entry much faster by typing it online.

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  • janet says:

    I wonder if today, with all the texting and quick comments on Facebook, if these forms of writing are similar to your handwritten notes or not? What do you think?


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