Hopeless or Informed?

When did I feel helpless as a writer? It was during the GRE exam. Getting started is usually my “thing;” however, that morning I could not get my thoughts straight. When preparing to write anything, I usually start by just writing—I write anything that comes to mind and then work from that. This helps me break the curse of writer’s block and almost always gives me something I can develop into a finished product at a later time. The morning of the GRE exam, however, I just felt as though all of my techniques fell out of my head. I tried freewriting, making an outline and a graphic organizer but nothing seemed to work. It was not until my time was almost out that I started to have a breakthrough. I realized I had written several strong points and just needed to organize and develop them. So I threw all of my time-tested strategies away and just wrote anything that made sense to me. At the end, I still felt a bit helpless since a few of my paragraphs were still underdeveloped—in fact, one was not much more than a topic sentence; however, I did end up with a high score on the writing section of the exam. So I suppose the moral of the story is that even though we can sometimes feel hopeless as writers, we have to trust ourselves, not panic, and do the best we can. This is what I usually tell worried writers who come to the CWE for feedback—I’m glad I had the opportunity to follow my own advice.

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