If Writing Be the Food of Love

Loving writing is not always an easy thing to do.  Loving anything, for that matter, isn’t easy.  At least not in my experience.  I love computers.  I build them.  Sometimes one piece of hardware fizzles or is DOA and makes a whole lot of work for me when I was just looking forward to using my new hardware.  Writing can be an equally fickle process.  I would almost say more so.  Fairchild Semiconductors can claim an operating failure rate of 10-15 parts per million.  If I could say my writing were that effective then surely I would be a household name by now.

So what happens?  I stare at a blank screen?  Huff?  Pull on my hair?  Do push-ups out of frustration?  All of those things happen and they happen a lot.  The number of times I’ve scrapped entire passages would put me at failure rate of at least 60 percent (probably more).  Fairchild sure put me to shame.  So what’s the point?  If it can be such a chore, why fight for it?  Because of the perfect moments.  They don’t always come out perfectly, but that iota of a good idea is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.  Whether it becomes a poem or an academic paper, the bursts of light which drive my best ideas are always the most rewarding.  All of the hours of frustration can be wiped away in minutes of inspired writing.  What’s more?  My writing could be timeless; most of Fairchild’s chips are obsolete within a year or two.

So, while Fairchild might have chips in the device I used to type this up on and, most likely, the device you’re reading it on, Fairchild will never be able to move a person’s heart the way I can with just 5 percent of the content I write.  So, I’ll write on.

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  • Ruth says:

    How true. I have such a love/hate relationship with writing. And at times it can be terribly frustrating when the faucet of writing (in my mind) is barren. But keeping at it is also what I’ll be doing. Welp, ’cause I too love it and yeah… I find that I too write for those rare wonderful moments. It’s nice to know that it’s not just me.

    Have a nice day!

  • Nicole says:

    There is just something about the impossibility of achieving perfection and the struggle to do so anyway that makes writing so much more rewarding than putting something together according to a form that can only be modified in a handful of ways.


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