Writing Drives Me Crazy

I love writing when I am finished. The process drives me crazy

I love to read well written prose; I love words and stories, but I do not love to write. I fell in love with reading as a young child, and at some point when I was in college, I realized that if  I worked really, really, really hard, I could write a pretty good paper.  I am always happy when I am finally done with a piece of writing that is successful.  I might even say that I am proud of some of my writing; I can  appreciate that finished product, but writing is always torturous for me.

So, why do I continue to write — that is the eternal question. I  love order and compelling arguments, but my mind is terribly unorganized, and it is hard for me to explain complex ideas.  And of course, if I write lots and lots of drafts, I find that I am able to explain those ideas. I guess I write because it is a way for me to harness the inchoate thoughts rambling around in  my brain.

But, I do love the final steps in revision.  I adore (strange but true)  fixing grammar and looking up rules of grammar on the Internet.  I can happily spend hours combing over a paper changing a word here or there. And, I do enjoy reading a piece when I am finished, but getting there drives me crazy.









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  • Emily Lagg says:

    Alice – I feel the same exact way. It’s impossible to explain how frustrating the process is to the uninitiated (which is maybe why it’s so infuriating when people look at you funny and tell you to ‘just sit down and do it!’). I am envious though, of your passion for grammar. I am impatient and follow the rules of language as I hear it rather than as it should be, and things like split infinitives and dangling modifiers pop up in my papers all the time. I wish I enjoyed combing through the rules as much!


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