Starting in the Margins


My writing process always starts off as a response to someone else’s writing. Whether in the form of piled up post-it notes or illegible marginalia, my first thoughts about a text or an essay topic start as a direct response to what I’m reading. As you can tell, my process is messy and gives me a lot to sort through. Despite the chaos, this process provides me with a chance to take stock and review my original thoughts about a text. I think about how my ideas have changed or haven’t. I categorize and list my points until I can start forming some specific ideas to write about.

I can’t stress enough how important this (pre)writing process is to my writing. The ideas have to be rolling around in my head way before I can start putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. Once I have something to work with, I start to scribble away. I’m not worried about my grammar or organization. I just need to get everything out, so the writing process can continue.

Essay Revision

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  • Julie Candio Sekel says:

    Great images! I think they really capture the idea that the writing process gets pretty chaotic. I also think the idea you begin your blog with is extremely important. As writers, our thoughts often stem from critical reading. When we interact with texts, we learn to develop our own perspectives. Perhaps more importantly, we learn how to assess the quality of different texts and determine how to structure our own work.


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