Writing in Cycles

I kind of wish writing processes had a nice easy metaphor to express the issues which a writer faces, an easy image to conjure so that I could impart upon others how writing works for me.  On one hand, my writing process is slightly less than kosher.  Also, unfortunately, there is no easy metaphor or image for a process that is anything but easy.  So instead of trying hard to come up with an appropriate metaphor, here are two comics presenting first, what I wish writing felt like:


And what writing feels like most of the time:


There are so many ways that the writing process can become derailed, which may, ultimately, be a part of the writing process.  The Wikipedia cycle of death is one of the most common for me.  Maybe I want a touch of background information on a topic.  So I look it up on Wikipedia.  Then I see a link to something else I want to read about.  Ooooh!  Look, I’ve always wanted to read about that! And the cycle can go on for an hour easily.  It can even happen multiple times in one sitting!  So many of my days of writing are filled distracting myself:


Writing poetry is my exception to this exception.  Nonetheless, I’m not so sure this post necessarily provides imagery directly pertaining to my writing process, but it engages with the issues I face in my process as a writer.

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