Academic Trick or Treat

IT was assigned on Monday. I began thinking it through

And I needed some time for my thoughts all to stew.


I started on Thursday and you might think it’s sad

But I couldn’t finish writing ‘till I watched Breaking Bad.


I wrote it on Red Bull. I felt good at the time.

I started at 11 and I finished at 5.


I think I drank 6. I’m not really sure.

It was about one an hour, but I might have had more.


And it was an essay! I’m sure about that.

It had an introduction, central claim, etcetera, etcetera …


But now that I’ve slept and now that I’ve dreamt

I’m not really sure of what it all meant.


Did I stay on topic? Did I maintain an academic voice?

Or was it full of tangental caffeine-inspired noise?


It’s hard to tell now. I just can’t remember.

I wrote it way back in the month of September


When the leaves were still green and the semester still new

And nothing important had yet to come due.


Only God alone knows what I will get.

It could give me pride; I might feel regret.


It could be a trick; it could be a treat.

It could be sour; it could be sweet.


It could be a chocolate bar hiding needles and pins

Or a sweetener packet filled with ricin.


It’ll be a surprise. There’ll be tension in my shoulders

When I get that paper back and then look it over.


I can’t imagine the comments. I don’t know what they will say.

It could be an F. But It could be an A.

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