Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to… Write?

No, really. Please. This topic stumped me. I have no idea what to write.

Maybe that’s the trick part of writing. Sometimes, writing just won’t come.  No matter how much I want it to.  All the graduate school tears in the world won’t help.  It’s the writing equivalent of egging my house.  I’m all excited to sit down and write, and then BAM. Toilet paper tree. I can’t think of anything to say at all.

I think that, when I’m stuck with writing, it helps to treat myself.  Usually (or if not usually, ideally) this comes from reading a piece I really love– and not frozen yogurt.  I devour graphic novels and web comics, and sometimes I just need to binge on something fun to work up the motivation to write something of my own.  An added bonus of two of my favorite web comics,  The Oatmeal and Hyperbole and A Half, is that both give actual writing tips in addition to being really fun and entertaining.

These treats give me the motivation to get up, go out, clean the egg off my writing windows, and get excited about writing.  Whenever I start to feel like writing is a chore, I look at the writing I really love and remember the laughter tears– not the sad graduate school tears– that it caused.  That little reminder of how much fun writing can be inspires me to do more of my own.

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  • Danielle says:

    “…and then BAM. Toilet paper tree.” This is great! I also treat myself when I am struggling to write, usually with browsing the web and playing games. When I am struggling to write (including with this month’s blog topic) I try to treat myself as a bribe. As in, I will write until I hit a milestone (e.g. a page, a paragraph, a sentence) and then I get to have a treat! It’s probably not the best way to approach writing (reinforcing bad behavior?) but writing without treats is so much harder than writing with them.


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