Mere Words Are Not Enough

It’s November, a time for giving thanks. As a writer, I’m thankful for:

  • Every writing talent that I was gifted with—no matter how small.
  • Every other writer who gave me wonderful, inspiring words to read.
  • Every inventor of the tools that help me to write—pens, typewriters, word processors, and computers (although some days I curse the computer inventors).
  • Every nun who insisted on perfect spelling, grammar, and handwriting.
  • Every teacher who challenged me with writing assignments and circled my errors with a red pen.
  • Every professor who handed me back a paper and said, “Rewrite and revise it” and showed me how.
  • Every editor and publisher who returned a manuscript with comments.
  • Every boss who called me into their office and said, “Try again…and have it done by tomorrow.”
  • Every nun, teacher, professor, editor, publisher, and boss who said “Good job!”
  • Every coworker, friend, and my sister who all listened to me whine, cry, and complain about how hard writing is or who hugged me when my words were published.
  • All the students in my class who teach me more than I ever knew before about writing and show me that the struggle is hard, but worth it.
  • And, of course…

My parents, who valued education and books (and often watched my children while I pursued writing as a career).

My husband, who always said, “Sure, sign up for another writing course, workshop, seminar, conference, degree…”

My children, who made so much noise while I tried to write and taught me that good writing really does come from chaos,  and finally…

My grandchildren, who share with me—all over again!—the whole wonderful, impossible, crazy, rewarding process of reading and writing.

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