An Ooey, Gooey, Sappy, Thankful Thanksgiving Post

This year, Thanksgiving falls especially late in the month.  For those not in school, this may not mean much. But for students, this means that Thanksgiving falls just two weeks before final papers are due.  In past years, Thanksgiving break was the calm before the storm, but this year, it’s right smack in the eye of the final end-of-semester paper-writing hurricane that consumes me entirely for three weeks.

So it seems especially appropriate, in my time of frantic need, to reflect on what I’m thankful for.  I am thankful that teachers graciously canceled class this week, giving me some much needed extra time to work on my papers. I am thankful for friends that are understanding of the fact that they may not see or hear from me for three weeks, and for a family that is mostly understanding but still tries to see me anyway.  I am thankful for Breaking Bad, which has provided me with much needed rewards and distractions throughout my paper-writing process.  I am thankful for Purdue Owl, without which I would never format any citations correctly ever.  I am thankful for a boyfriend who will read my papers, and then drive to library to get me books for them, and then read them again after I edit them, and then listen to me read them aloud, and finally help me proofread them, with much encouragement and few complaints.

Sometimes, in times of extreme stress, it’s especially important for me to take a step back and think of all these things and realize how tremendously lucky I am.  It’s sappy, but around the holidays, I feel like my end-of-semester success heavily relies on sappy sentiments–which I am totally thankful for.


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