It’s Personal: Why I Like to Write


Writing helps me think, it helps me to analyze myself and my thoughts and motivations. I often find myself writing when I am struggling with something. Big things and small, they all get written about. I will write complaining letters to my boyfriend, and never send them. I will write a treatise to a sweater, explaining why it never gets worn and hopefully that will prompt me to get rid of the sweater (hopefully, but not always).  Writing helps me to understand my world and myself.

I am thankful that I get to talk about writing every day because it prompts me to write more. I like to follow my own advice and analyze more, more, more! Analyzing for an academic paper can be hard: you have to know your audience and use specific examples. Surprisingly, analyzing for personal understanding can be just as hard and many of the same tactics are used. When I write for myself, I still ask myself how and why something happened. I write about what could have happened differently and how an event might affect my future. Writing allows me to think deeper about issues in my life and about myself. Through personal writing, I find I am more aware, open-minded, and eager to grow and become a better person.

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