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writer leopard & me

This is Writer Leopard. Writer Leopard understands me. Writer Leopard understands me in so many ways There are a lot more, but the above images encapsulate me as a writer pretty well. I don’t always practice what I preach; I tend to edit as I write, I’m easily overwhelmed, I sometimes (most times) spend more […]

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Meme all the things

With my master’s thesis deadline creeping forward, I am acutely aware that I start every day like this: And end every day like this: Procrastination is a dirty word to writers, but the looming, incredibly important deadline of a thesis has made my procrastination especially productive.  If I’m not working on my paper, it better […]

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Simple Memes for Complex Writers

I had trouble finding a meme that captures who I am as a writer. Can any single meme really encapsulate the multifaceted aspects of what may make anyone identify as a writer? Many of the memes I came across were about specific “types” of writers – fiction, journalism, academic – and limited goals (mastering grammar, […]

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