Meme all the things

With my master’s thesis deadline creeping forward, I am acutely aware that I start every day like this:

hyperbolememeAnd end every day like this:

spongebob-rainbow-memeProcrastination is a dirty word to writers, but the looming, incredibly important deadline of a thesis has made my procrastination especially productive.  If I’m not working on my paper, it better be because I’m doing something else completely justifiable and awesome.  I may not be writing, but I am traveling, cleaning, running, applying for post-graduation jobs, and taking art classes.

At least I'm not lazy?

At least I’m not lazy?

When a deadline is abstract–over a month away might as well be forever–it’s hard to think about it.  Reading Scarcity has only reinforced this; I need to tunnel, but because I don’t feel the crunch, it’s difficult to force myself to work.  The rewards of all that other stuff is tangible, but the thesis writing reward is so far away.  So what do I do?

Or I overestimate my power. Yeah, probably the latter.

Or I overestimate my power. Yeah, probably the latter.

  • Think of my large assignment as a bunch of smaller assignments. If each chapter is like one 20 page paper, then it seems a lot more manageable.
  • Make mini-deadlines.  Now that my huge, threatening thesis is actually just three smaller papers, I can assign a deadline to each paper.  To make this deadline “real” I establish it with my professor–so I can’t just push it infinitely forward.
  • Edit. If I really don’t feel inspired, I can at least be working on some part of the project.  Making a table of contents or formatting a works cited page may seem like busy work, but it has to be done sooner or later and can be surprisingly time-consuming.
Wise words, Dory.

Wise words, Dory.



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