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At a very young age, I acquired a passion for creating music. Around three, I started singing in the church choir, and I eventually picked up the violin in elementary school and then the flute in middle school. I was quite good at the flute and even became section leader and second chair in band. I also dabbled briefly with the guitar and piano. However, the one instrument that has stood the test of time is, well… me—my voice! So, if I could be a musical instrument, I would be vocals/the human voice. I find this pairs well with my passion for writing. After all, what is writing without a voice?

The reason for my choice is simple and relies on deductive reasoning: The singing voice was the first instrument I ever “played” (when I was three), and it is the only musical instrument I still use on a regular basis. It’s been years since my competitive high-school choir days; however, I frequent the karaoke scene consistently. Arguably, there is no comparison between singing (usually impromptu) karaoke in a bar and a well-rehearsed jubilee of the classics. Nevertheless, both provide an opportunity for beautiful music to be created (and sometimes not-so-beautiful music to be created… ever hear the joke that karaoke means “tone deaf” in Japanese?… at least I think it’s a joke).

Even if the music being created during karaoke is sometimes considered sub par by music elites, it still offers a creative outlet for the singer and entertainment for the audience. This art is not so different from writing something… let’s say, a blog! The blog I am currently writing is a creative expression of my thoughts right now at this moment. I’m intentionally ignoring certain grammar rules; for instance, I’m writing in fragments and not punctuating entirely correctly. I’m not necessarily following the rules of standard-academic English. I’m doing this because sometimes the best writing is freeform, fragmented and requires a certain cadence to convey tone (that, and us English majors think we can get away with anything). Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir on that one (pun intended).

So, if I could be a musical instrument, it would be the human voice, because it’s just like creative writing… free, beautiful, and open to both imagination and criticism. It improves with wisdom yet can be a delightful symphony even when coming from a child or a novice. There’s no right way to sing just as there’s no right way to write, and that makes the voice my instrument of choice!

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  • Alan Smith says:

    I had no idea you have music and singing chops. We often need backup vox in our studio – I might hit you up!


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