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The Pizza I Never Ate

When thinking about the best gift I have received as a writer, a lot of generic and cliché writer-gifts come to mind. Over the years, I have received countless notebooks and journals, pens, decorative paper and stationary, praise and encouragement, books on writing, and other office-y types of things. While these various possessions have been […]

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Thanks, Wood Man

The summer between high school and college, I worked as a salesman at Payless Shoes in Menlo Park Mall. Espadrille wedges were the must-have footwear for Summer 1996, and they’re reprising that role in 2012. (Fashion is perhaps the only thing more recursive than writing.) It was a minimum wage job made even more ignoble […]

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The Irreplacable Gift

Throughout my writing life, I’ve gotten various “gifts” that helped me grow as a writer—the best one, however, isn’t some profound insight from a professor or fellow writer. In fact, it’s one of the most basic needs for a writer. Before going into it, there are a few things you need to know about me. […]

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