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Hearing what’s not on the page.

This month’s blog topic on code-switching got me thinking about my current writing project(s) because, on one level, it’s all about code-switching. I don’t mean just knowing the right words to say in different situations. Code-switching is also knowing what not to say and when to not say anything at all. Code-switching is knowing that […]

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Writing Outside of the “Inspiration Zone”

When asked what places or spaces inspire me to write, my immediate response (like so many writers throughout the ages) would be nature. What is it about sunshine and storms, rolling ocean waves or bristling leafy trees that spark the collective inner muse of humanity? But to answer that question would be another post entirely. […]

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The Life Behind Writing

Like all of you, I’m a writer, but a picky one. If you read my previous blog, you’ll know I need the perfect pen and paper to write, and it always varies by what I’m writing. My surroundings also play a huge part in my writing—wherever I am, I have to be able to sit […]

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