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Finding Comfort in Writing: A Personal Look at Personal Writing

When I was in third grade, I started writing in a blue journal with a fluffy kitten printed on the cover. I loved writing in it because that kitten was so cute. The more I wrote in my journal, the more often I would get to look at that kitten and smile. Even at the […]

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Because I’m a technophobe…

It’s inconvenient and old-fashioned, but my favorite way to write is by hand, with a pen and paper.  I usually have a little notebook in my purse, one in my car, and a few at home “just in case.” I try to do some creative writing whenever I have free time, which admittedly isn’t often, […]

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Technology and Nature

What’s my favorite way to write? Where do I begin? As an instructor of English and a writing consultant, I find myself writing every day and in every way. I write dozens of emails and text messages for both professional and personal purposes. I’m constantly writing comments for students and designing lesson plans. I even […]

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