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Start Early: The Most Obvious but Least Observed Writing Advice

The most helpful tip I have for writing is also, probably, the most obvious: start early! This semester, I wrote a total of 44 pages for three classes.  On top of that, I finished on time, or early, for all three papers. The only thing that made this possible was starting early. Don’t get me […]

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Finding what you love through what you don’t

After a year of graduate school, I had thought I had a good idea for the direction of my final project, my thesis. I had been turning over this idea in my mind for over six months, thinking about the sources I could use, the topics I could cover, how exciting it would be to […]

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Writing is Joy

I had just gotten off the phone with my grandmother. I called to interview her—probing her for details about her life. Next I interviewed my mother, father, aunts, uncles, etc. Why? I had the itch to write and decided to write a family newsletter to pass out at family functions. There I was typing away, […]

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