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Too Afraid to Write?

A friend of mine, let’s call him Ben, is hoping to start a successful blog about writing. He has bought a domain name and had some work done on the format and layout. Ben is an aspiring writer and hopes that an active blog will be a great addition to his portfolio. With a long […]

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Finding what you love through what you don’t

After a year of graduate school, I had thought I had a good idea for the direction of my final project, my thesis. I had been turning over this idea in my mind for over six months, thinking about the sources I could use, the topics I could cover, how exciting it would be to […]

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Thanks, Wood Man

The summer between high school and college, I worked as a salesman at Payless Shoes in Menlo Park Mall. Espadrille wedges were the must-have footwear for Summer 1996, and they’re reprising that role in 2012. (Fashion is perhaps the only thing more recursive than writing.) It was a minimum wage job made even more ignoble […]

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