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Time to go back…

It has been exciting to be in Vietnam at this time…so much is happening. And so much hope for the future. It was a privilege to be a Fulbright Specialist and work with so many fine administrators, faculty and staff, and of course, the students!

Meeting students at the University of Technology who are about to begin clean up efforts.

We ride past the University of Technology (the top university of VNU-HCM in terms of grades) and find out that this group of engineering students have volunteered as part of a student group to do some clean up work around their university.(They are about ready to begin.) My friend tells me that the objective is for them to experience and value physical labor. Especially important, she says, for students from urban areas.

Passing by the Center for National Defense on the VNU-HCM campus.

All students at VNU-HCM need to complete a three week course here before receiving their diplomas.

Riding past a man with his herd of cows right on the border of the new community.

We stop and talk (my friend, that is) and find out that he owns this herd of about 12 cows.

A new home of a new gated community under construction.

On our bike trip we ride around a brand new community which is being constructed. Here is a single family home.

On bike trip we pass new construction near Guest House with workers leaving for the day.

One more bike ride

Before my leaving, my friend and I decide to take one more bike ride to explore the expanding campus. We wait for the late afternoon when it will be cooler.  The “V” sign for Vietnamese means “Hi”!

At the farewell party near the port, the triplets watch the ships go by.

The triplet girls, 26 months old, are the daughters of one of the staff members at the Office of External Relations at VNU-HCM, which was in charge of my Fulbright program at the University.

My Farewell Party

We gather at a very famous restaurant near the port of Ho Chi Minh city. What a group! What a great time it has been!

With two of the participants at the Workshop on Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Teaching