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A Presentation on Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Teaching

Some of the faculty and staff members who participated this week in a workshop on learning outcomes and assessment. This was a follow up to an earlier presentation on Learning Outcomes, a session I did at  the Workshop on Methodology several weeks ago. There was a great deal of interest in assessment, a topic for further discussion.

Guest speaker at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities


Before our class begins…the University of Social Sciences and Humanities invited me to be a guest lecturer at a class for 3rd and 4th year English students and TESOL graduate students. I spoke on cross cultural communication and methodology. (It was a three hour session.) I used some videos of Montclair State students to illustrate some similarities and differences in culture.

This university, one of the six member universities of VNU-HCM, is “downtown” Ho Chi Minh City, about a 45 minute taxi ride from the Guest House where I am staying.

Dinner out with undergraduate friends

My friends picked me up on one of their motor bikes and we went out for a dinner at a  a place in the University village noted for its”hot pot”, a very popular preparation in south west Vietnam. It is a fish base soup with greens and noodles (see package)added throughout the meal. These are the undergraduates with whom I meet during the week- not a class-I’m not a tutor- and we just converse…And sometimes we go out to eat.

Last day of class with 2nd year writing students at Univ. of Information Technology

I have been working with this class for six weeks. We have met once a week for three hours. It has been a rewarding experience. The class is an honors class, with 17 members, two of whom are female. The University of Information Technology is a member institution of VNU-HCM.

The Cook in the Kitchen of the Canteen

This is the cook in her kitchen for the canteen near the Guest House. Canteens are considered smaller than restaurants, have more simple food and the prices are cheaper which describe this canteen well. There is no menu and since I don’t speak the language I go into the kitchen on my arrival and find out what is being cooked for that night.

At a coffee house in Ho Chi Minh City and meeting special friends

Before leaving the city, we stopped by a coffee house where one of the women from the Office of External Relations stopped by with her husband and their beautiful triplet daughters.

The Canteen where I eat

A View from my balcony overlooking the canteen where I eat dinner

Fruit native to Vietnam-sapodilla (sam-po- che)

Fruit native to Vietnam -blue dragon

Vietnamese people call it ” thanh long”,but it has international name is

‘blue dragon”