Coming to Montclair!

When I first arrived at Montclair State University, I must admit, I was concerned with the environment contrast between Tel Aviv and Montclair. As someone who comes from Tel Aviv, “The Big City”, I experienced a drastic change. While Tel Aviv is a vibrant, big city, Montclair is a quiet township, home to commuters. Montclair has many recreational areas such as parks and many trees; whereas in Tel Aviv there is not a lot of “green”.

Of course, there is a center, but transportation is required. Buses and trains are available, however, they do not occur very frequently and one needs to have a schedule in hand. Fortunately, since the first few days, I met good, nice people who have continued to offer me a lift every time I have to travel far or have to do much shopping. The people here are very friendly and love to help—it feels like a warm community.

Montclair’s proximity to New York is also something I value. I can get to New York by bus or train in half an hour. For me this is a great arrangement because I am busy with school work during the week, but on weekends I can easily jump to New York to relax, go out, see exhibitions, and so on.

I’m excited to continue exploring the university, and hope to have an enriching and meaningful study experience.

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