My First Semester at Montclair

I had visited the US before, but it had never been for months at a time and it was always with family and friends. Going to college can be tough for anyone, a new environment, new people and a new way of living. I was scared that I would want to go home immediately. Coming from Canada, I knew that my family was too far away to just stop by and see on the weekends and all of my friends went to colleges back home. I came to Montclair knowing only one person, my boyfriend.

As I started going to my classes, I began to feel more confident in my decision to come to Montclair. The classes weren’t overwhelmingly large and the professors were friendly and helpful. Whenever I had a problem with the homework, the professors were there with office hours to help me out. Use those opportunities and office hours! Then I started talking to other students on campus. Everyone was welcoming and found it so interesting that I came from Canada. That’s one thing that made a huge impact on my impression of Montclair, it was diverse school that really embraced different cultures and backgrounds. It’s been a great first year and I look forward to the next.


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