Campus Events!

I’ll start out by saying I’m extremely shy and it takes a lot for me to branch out and talk to others. Montclair really helped me break out of my shell. When I was told in at least three of my six classes during the first semester that I would have to go to a campus event I was nervous. I didn’t know my way around the campus. I didn’t have any friends to go with yet. I knew my grade was depending on these events though, so I started to plan semester accordingly.

I went to musical events put on at the John J. Cali School  of music. It was even free for students! I went to literary events. I went to the center for religion and spirituality for the weekly talks that they had there. I went to events with food, I met people that I never would have talked to. The Montclair student body and faculty make it a priority to have their students involved. They gave me so many events to choose from, some that I loved, others that I gained an experience from.

So when I look back and wonder, why did they MAKE me go to these campus events? It was because they want me to enjoy my time here at Montclair to its maximum potential. I look back now and I don’t know why I was so worried. There are so many things to do that the problems turns out to be choosing which event to go to. And while this may not seem like something that only international students have a problem with, I have to agree it isn’t. Yet this is just one more way Montclair helps to build bridges between all students. Making everyone feel welcome and helping us create lasting memories.


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