Around Montclair- Petit Paris

Coming from Canada, I have been learning french since fourth grade. After high school, I would consider myself to be bilingual. The culture in the United States is different from Canada and I found that more people in the area speak Spanish and Italian as opposed to French. After taking a course in French at Montclair State, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were parts of the area that had places I could practice my french.

One of these places is called “Petit Paris”. Petit Paris is a small bakery type shop that is filled with French foods and treats. Treats including: macarons of all flavors, crepes and croissants. The macarons are rich and come in flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, rose, salty caramel and much more. Although a little expensive, these macarons are a real taste of French baking. The crepes they make can be savory or sweet and come with plenty for 6$. If these types of foods sound great to you, I would recommend trying out Petit Paris. I would also suggest looking for other types of places that interest you. Montclair is so multicultural and welcoming of all backgrounds. Take a look around the city, it won’t disappoint!


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