End of the semester (and first year!)…

Finally I have time to write again, now that all classes are officially over (!) All I have left now is my end of the year final exhibition and critique and one more home exam. This last month was surely intense! We had make up and cleaning up classes’ sessions. In two weeks I had two presentations to do, one 15 pages paper to write, five essays and of course the practical studio work time on my art. Every class has its own amount of readings to do and how we receive the text varies with every professor. Usually the professor will upload the relevant articles on line at the school’s blackboard, where we as students have access to.  Some professors would recommend us books to read in the syllabus, and so we go with the list to the library and borrow the books. Also we have professors who would simply email it to us in a collective email group. I personally prefer this method since then we can interact with each other by pressing reply, if we have questions or issues we like to discuss. This semester I had three classes that required reading a large amount of readings for every week. As international student who’s English is a second language and in addition had ADD, I found it very difficult. Fortunately I am done with all the assignments and now I just need to focus on my exhibition.

 Last week we had a projection class exhibition with special guest, artist Robert Whitman. All the hard work we all put into our works paid off eventually as the exhibition was beautiful and received great reviews.

Looking forward already for the summer break, when I finally will be able to sleep more than 5 hours a night.. and to continue to explore vibrant New York. I am so happy for the wonderful location of Montclair State University- About half an hour by bus to Port Authority!

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