You Want to do Something Interesting and Productive?… Join Clubs!

Every one of us joins the undergraduate/graduate programs with different thoughts and different purposes. It is beautiful to be diverse. It’s even more beautiful to find out, that people with diverse background, interests and aims possess some commonalities as well. All of us love to feel worthy and be productive. I believe it’s a precious human quality we possess. We love to talk, discuss and be in company with like- minded people. It’s fun! As international students, we share a few common things like staying away from families, missing cultural festivals back home, facing a few stumbling blocks here in the US and melting to get adapted to the US culture.

While this happens in many of us, we often end up asking, “What do I do during my free time?” I get to hear this from many of the international students known to me. I appreciate it. To me, it sounds like a ‘growth question’.  Nurturing the thirst in each one of us, to positively grow is a possible solution my little mind could think of.

I asked the same ‘growth question’ to one of my seniors and he said, “Why don’t you consider joining ‘clubs and organizations’? Go to student center and get more information.” I came back, did a Google search and got this link It is a quick line for sure, to take us through the various clubs, their objectives, activities and frequency of meeting. Every club is unique and has a great cause to which we could get connected. Choose the right club for you email them and get connected.  I have joined ‘Equity and Diversity’ and ‘Indian Cultural Club’.

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