Wear a Smile and Join Superstorm Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy made history by devastating portions of Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern parts of United States. All of us here in NJ experienced the impact of the hurricane Sandy in one way or the other; waiting in long queue for hours together to fill gasoline, spending dark and cold nights without power, drinking soups and eating breads all day as there were no facility to cook, having trees fall on the car in the parking lot, missing school and so on.

On the one hand, all of us experienced one or more of the above said impact, but on the other hand, many helping hands came from all sides offering some help. Many of my classmates at Montclair offered to open their doors for people who were victims of Sandy. Professors extended the dates to submit assignments. Food drives and donation drives were organized to help victims of hurricane Sandy. I was happy volunteering in one of the schools at Randolph.

Discrimination did not a play a role, but a common cause to help the needy did. Such actions reassure to each one of us the power of being together. Montclair State University is also organizing a donation drive to Sandy victims. Not just that, the University has come up with other ways too to help Sandy victims. Visit this link to find out what you can do to help: http://www.montclair.edu/student-development-campus-life/center-student-involvement/events/superstormsandyrelief/

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