Want to be a Successful International Student?

Every international student comes to the U.S. with lots of dreams to succeed. In spite of their strong academic and professional backgrounds, international students confront lots of challenges adjusting to the university and cultural environments here in the U.S. Though they experience many challenges, I have listed a few that are considered to be major challenges in terms of getting used to the academic environments in the U.S. They are:
• Avoiding Plagiarism
• Mastering English (oral and written)
• Taking part in group work (getting used to U.S. classmates)
• Expressing their views during classroom discussions, research paper and assignments
• Treating peers and professors with respect

While the above said problems are real life challenges, solutions are not too far. Below listed are some of the simple steps that we could take to succeed.
• Understanding the do’s and don’ts before writing a research paper or an assignment in discussion with a professor
• Practicing the language vigorously through reading, listening, writing and speaking
• Taking initiatives to communicate with the group and seek help when required
• Gaining clarity in terms of what is expected out of us as a student and take appropriate steps to meet the expectations
• Looking for role models and adapting to the U.S. way

The above listed solutions are my suggestions. As an international student, each one of us would have come up with a unique way of confronting challenges. How about sharing it here for the benefit of many? I found the following links useful in this context and would like to share with you the links.

ABP News: International Students Face Challenges In U.S. Colleges
University of Florida: Welcome International Students
University of South Australia International Students

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