Feeling isolation can affect our academic performance

One of the biggest problems in the beginning of an academic year that we face is feeling isolation and homesickness. The reason for this may be because many things may be new to us such as food, people, academic environment, and place of residence. At this point, we may also be alone in this country without our friends, family, and significant others. Therefore, we may feel anxiety and depressive symptoms or our emotional well-being may be effected. In the beginning, we may not be able to find friends as it takes some time, especially when we are out of our homeland and culture.

In order to overcome this issue, we can participate in the activities conducted by International Services, such as trips, workshops, orientations, or other interesting events. I hope that International Services continues to organize such events regularly every year and to select those activities that are relatively inexpensive for international students to ensure a substantial participation in those events because we more likely face budget constraints, especially in the beginning of our studies. Moreover, international students should definitely contact different organizations working across MSU, such as the international students’ organization, and contact International Services in order to learn how to make contact with these organizations.

In addition, although we feel the burden of our workloads and face difficulty sparing our time for extra-curricular activities, especially during first year, it is extremely essential to keep an eye on such events because those events could become a good opportunity to meet students who have similar interests and needs like you. The bottom line is that we as international students should be pro-active and keep searching for these activities, which could help us manage these issues and facilitate our academic performance and process of acculturation.

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