Use of Technology

Appropriate use of technology can become extremely helpful for us as international students. For instance, when I started my studies here at Montclair State University, I lost my way a couple of times while trying to navigate the bus system. After some time, I heard about using a smartphone or a GPS so that I could easily enter any destination where I wanted to go and it would take me exactly to that location. Therefore, for a new student who is just coming to a new country and who does not know locations and directions, a smartphone or GPS would become a useful source to help avoid problems or inconveniences related to navigating the local community.

In the beginning, I was spending too much money to call my parents, friends, and siblings using my cell phone because I did not know about apps like Viber and Skype. When I came to know about these advanced communication sources, I started talking with my family by using Viber and Skype. In addition, when I used to talk through phone, it was not as enjoyable or meaningful as being able to use Skype so that I could see my friends and family, which really provided me with substantial happiness and motivation. Therefore, using these sources of communication to save money also provide me with a stronger sense of closeness to my family and happiness, especially whenever I feel homesick or lonely.

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