Off Campus Residence

It is an ideal situation for international students to live on campus during their studies. Doing so may help us feel a better sense of community and to meet with people of similar ages and interests, which may increase our motivation level for studying well, especially in the beginning of our studies. Living on campus, we can more frequently use school resources such as recreational center (gym), library, computer lab, etc. However, if for any reason any of us would like to live off campus, it is essential to secure an adequate residence at that time when we leave our home countries. Usually, we think that it is an easy task to find a good residence once we arrive in the US, however this may not always be the case. Finding an off campus residence that matches our way of living (appropriate neighborhood, housemates, distance from school, etc.) is something that we must consider and plan well before our arrival in the US, as it is not easy to find an appropriate residence once we arrive. Therefore, we may have to compromise, or pay more in order to get it immediately.

Moreover, it is useful to see house/room pictures, view the surrounding area using Google maps, and ask current international students about housing by connecting with them on Facebook. Also, by thinking about housing early, we have an opportunity to speak with the staff at International Services about our housing options. International Services can help make sure that those international students who want to live off campus get an appropriate residence or can help to guide them in the selection process. Since many international students who do not plan ahead for housing often assume that it will be fine, but when they arrive and see how complex it can be to find an appropriate housing, they may become confused. The residence is one of the most important places to relax and talk with friends, family, and significant others during a busy schedule, especially during the first semester when we also have to deal with other administrative and admission related issues. If we do not secure a good residence, it may become extremely stressful and substantially affect our academic performance. Therefore, this important issue can be resolved through effective and early reciprocal interaction between International Services and international students.

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