Utilization of MSU Services

It is obvious that when we come to a new country and culture, we may feel homesickness, which can sometimes lead to depression and anxiety. We can also feel overwhelmed because we have to manage everything including departmental documentation, school requirements, class work, assignments, cleaning, cooking, and travel. Having all these responsibilities at the same time, we can easily feel overloaded and that can negatively affect our productivity and well-being. I faced this issue when I first came to the US. Then I heard that Montclair State’s counseling services could help me to manage these things and I went there, which proved to be extremely useful for me. As international students, it may be helpful to consult with Counseling Service if we feel things like homesickness or cultural shock. They are really good at giving advice.

In addition, on every Thursday at 3pm, there is an event at the Drop-in Center (near the Student Center) called Connecting Across Cultures in which students from different countries/states participate and which is also a really good way to meet new students who are in a same situation. The students discuss similar issues and share their ideas and experiences, which can always be helpful for us.

In addition, when I felt bored or less energetic, I started to go to the recreational center where there were lots of activities and entertainment on a regular basis. I always felt relaxed when I went there. Now I included it in my weekly schedule and I go there twice in a week for exercise that provides me energy, happiness, motivation, and also a chance to meet other students.

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