Understanding Cultural Diversity

Since we are in a new culture and this is a uniqueness of the United States (U.S.) that students from all over the world having distinctive cultures come here to get education. Therefore, it is very essential to become cultural sensitive and respect all cultures regardless of race, class, and gender. It is also important to keep in mind cultural sensitiveness while communicating with students belong to a different culture. It is also substantial important to understand cultural background to interpret the response and meaning of the conversation of a student who belongs to a different culture before creating any judgment or perception about him/her. Same is true when you live with people who have diverse culture. Therefore, we have to be more careful and responsive about cultural diversity. Moreover, our positive attitudes towards acculturation would be very critical to make things easier for us. The efforts about learning new language, celebrating festivals, participating in important events, and understanding the U.S. culture may become substantially useful that will make us feel happy and prevent from isolation.

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