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Is it easy for you to say “hi” to a stranger?

Before I came here, a bunch of people told me that I need to brace myself in terms of language problems, homesickness, different lifestyles, etc. However, no one tells me how nice Americans are. Since I live on campus, the school’s shuttle bus becomes the most popular mode of transportation in my daily life. Even […]

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My First Semester at Montclair

I had visited the US before, but it had never been for months at a time and it was always with family and friends. Going to college can be tough for anyone, a new environment, new people and a new way of living. I was scared that I would want to go home immediately. Coming […]

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Coming to Montclair!

When I first arrived at Montclair State University, I must admit, I was concerned with the environment contrast between Tel Aviv and Montclair. As someone who comes from Tel Aviv, “The Big City”, I experienced a drastic change. While Tel Aviv is a vibrant, big city, Montclair is a quiet township, home to commuters. Montclair […]

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