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I am sure that many MSU students want to go to New York City. But, not everybody has a car. Especially for international students like me, we need to know how to get to NYC by public transportation! There are two ways: NJ transit(train) and Decamp bus. First, there is NJ Transit station, which is named […]

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Cute, functional Recreation Center in MSU!

Hi, my name is Sehee Im, an exchange student from Korea for this spring semester. I would like to describe my very fresh experience of visiting American College recreation center.   When I was in Korea, I haven’t worked out at all in recreation center on campus. As well as I didn’t feel any neccessity of exercising, there was […]

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Is it easy for you to say “hi” to a stranger?

Before I came here, a bunch of people told me that I need to brace myself in terms of language problems, homesickness, different lifestyles, etc. However, no one tells me how nice Americans are. Since I live on campus, the school’s shuttle bus becomes the most popular mode of transportation in my daily life. Even […]

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