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A Hug

My Mexican classmate told me an embarrassing experience one day. He asked me, “Do you like the life here?” I said without thinking, “Yes, the people here are so nice and friendly. ” After that, he said, “Really, last week, a girl was almost going to sue me.” I said, “What! What did you do […]

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Wear a Smile and Join Superstorm Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy made history by devastating portions of Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern parts of United States. All of us here in NJ experienced the impact of the hurricane Sandy in one way or the other; waiting in long queue for hours together to fill gasoline, spending dark and cold nights without power, drinking soups and […]

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You Want to do Something Interesting and Productive?… Join Clubs!

Every one of us joins the undergraduate/graduate programs with different thoughts and different purposes. It is beautiful to be diverse. It’s even more beautiful to find out, that people with diverse background, interests and aims possess some commonalities as well. All of us love to feel worthy and be productive. I believe it’s a precious […]

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