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Following our Student Leaders!

Ever wonder how to get involved in on-campus activities just like the student leaders you see on campus?!?

Commuters and residential students alike have the opportunity to attend a multitude of events for many different organizations.  Check out Kyle from the Office of Academic Success and Retention Programs…

Kyle is:

A Peer Success Advisor- Academic Success & Retention Programs
A Resident Assistant – Machuga Heights
A Peer Leader/Advisor- Center for Advising & Student Transitions
A Peer Educator/ Mentor- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Center
A Box Office Assistant- Peak Performance Box Office
An Usher– Kasser Theater
Check out HawkSync for an up to date listing of happenings on and off campus!!

On October 13th, Our Peer Success Advisor Kyle ventured out of Webster hall to see what’s going on around campus.  Kyle attended the Make Your Own Photo flipbook and Chip-and-Dip event hosted by SLAM (Student Life At Montclair) in the student Center Ballrooms.

“The event was packed and the chips were delicious. Most importantly, everyone seemed to be having fun. I even got a free pillow pet out of it!” said Kyle, acting as a transfer student liaison, “I was so excited to run into some transfer students at the event. They were really getting into involvement at Montclair and their flipbooks were hilarious. It was great seeing them in a group again after orientation. I remember one of them telling me that when she was transferring she was looking just for a school with her program; instead she got that and so much more. She found a community.”

Stay tuned and find out where else you can bump into a Peer Success Advisor Like Kyle on Campus!


Learning Outside of the Classroom!

We have always been told that education is the key to success. What we learn in the classroom gives us a foundation and theory for application. But let’s get real for a second! Have you heard recently that many employers are not solely looking for a Bachelor’s degree but also experience? You may ask yourself, “how do I get experience? Or where do I start?” Before we get into those answers let’s start with, “when do I start?”

It all starts now!

With September finished and registration looming, it’s the perfect time to start doing research on Co-Op and internship opportunities.

Having experience in your desired field of study will not only boost your resume but it can also help start the process of networking with future employers. This includes a variety of places that you can get internships, both paid and unpaid, including here at Montclair State University. Many major departments allow this experience to count as credits toward your degree (Check with your faculty advisor or career counselor for more information!).

Many jobs markets are becoming increasingly competitive. Making ourselves more knowledgeable in the experiential field allows for more marketable future professionals and increased skill sets essential to many positions following graduation.

So where to start? Visit the Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education to learn more about the opportunities. Also make sure to make an appointment with a career services counselor to become more knowledgeable on the process. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Students must apply one semester prior to the co-op/internship.
  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.
  • Students must have a minimum of 30 credits at Montclair before application.
  • This requirement may be circumstantial per department so speak to your faculty advisor.
  • The 30 credits requirement may be waived to transfer students with an Associate’s degree and second Bachelor’s students.
  • For further information contact the Center for Career services and Cooperative Education.

Let’s not wait any longer. Find out about what Co-op and Internships opportunities will help give you the experience and knowledge you need for your future career!

Meet the PSL’s: Jonathan!

Meet the Peer Success Leader, Jonathan!


Native or Transfer Student? Transfer

From Where? Farleigh Dickinson (Teaneck)

Major/Program? Communications and Media Arts

Minors? Journalism

Why did you choose Montclair? Tuition was affordable, compared to private. Liked the program, heard a lot about it.

Activities/Extracurricular’s? Peer Student Leader, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Boxing, Bank Teller

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) Cafeteria, On Campus, Grimaldi’s in Hoboken Off campus

Favorite Place to study? On Campus, Library

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Get involved, and don’t be afraid to be you. Good luck and Graduate!”

Meet the PSL’s: Astrid!

Meet the Peer Success Leader: Astrid!


Native or Transfer Student? Native

Class? Junior

Major/Program? Psychology

Minors? Biology

Why did you choose Montclair? Proximity to home, be closer to family, feels like still be a part of her home family and her school family

Activities/Extra-curricular’s? Peer Student Leader, Volunteer (American Red Cross), Babysitting

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) Sushi Bar on Campus, Mall Food court Off Campus

Favorite Place to study? The Benches outside of Sciences Building.

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “You are going to have fun here. It’s a quiet school, but there is a LOT going on.”

Meet the PSL’s: Manny!

Meet our Peer Student leader: Emmanuel

EF 2

Native or Transfer Student? Transfer

From Where? Farleigh Dickinson (Madison)

Major/Program? Theatre Studies

Minors? African American Studies

Why did you choose Montclair? Proximity to home and I already knew some of the people on Campus, making it an easy adjustment. Also really like the program here.

Activities/Extracurricular’s? Peer Student Leader, Theatre, NASSO, Works at Gap

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) On Campus: Guy Fieri’s, Off Campus: Authentic Cultural Cuisine

Favorite place to study? The commuter lounge…

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Be open to any and all experiences during your time here. Be observant and learn from professors and classmates. Have a ball while you are here, it goes buy quickly. Work hard, and play even harder.”

Meet the PSL’s: Larissa

Meet our Peer Student Leader: Larissa!


Meet: Larissa!

Native or Transfer Student? Transfer

From Where? Kean University

Major/Program? Lingusitics (Teacher Ed- ESL)

Minors? N/A

Why did you choose Montclair? Has a great teaching program, and was really excited about the Linguistics problem. Always knew this was the place to be, excited to finally be here.

Activities/Extracurricular’s? Peer Success Leader, Work at the Grad School, Work with IT, Substitute teacher, Dance Salsa!

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) On campus: Rarely eat on campus, but excited about Au Bon Pain! Off Campus: None in particular, I’ll go where other people are going!

Favorite Place to study? My Room! The only place I can concentrate.

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Enjoy, Enjoy it. Montclair has a lot to offer to students here. Choose wisely, there’s so many options and organizations here, but if you yhave the time, its worth getting involved.”


Meet the PSL’s: Tamara

Meet our Peer Student Leader Tamara!



Meet: Tamara Williams!

Native or Transfer Student?  Transfer

From Where? University of Hartford

Major/Program?  Child advocacy and Policy

Minors?  Leadership Development

Why did you choose Montclair?  Had well rounded incentives, Proximity and location are also important, convenient from home.

Activities/Extracurricular’s?  Peer Student Leader, Volunteer for Community Affairs at Church, WetSeal Associate.

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus)  On: Einstein Bagels, Off Campus: Applebee’s

Favorite Place to study?  Computer Lab (Enough Noise, but not overwhelming)

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students?  “Dare to be different, and let your voice be heard.  Don’t be afraid to get help and get involved!”




Meet the PSL’s: Luke

Meet our Peer Student Leader, Luke!


Native or Transfer Student? Transfer

From Where? High Point University, NC

Major/Program? Accounting

Minors? N/A

Why did you choose Montclair? Friends that have gone here had given good reviews, convenient location from home and strong regional location

Activities/Extra Curricular’s? Peer Student Leader, MSU Accounting Society, NJ Sharing Network Volunteer

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) Never eaten on campus…Ever! Off Campus: American Joe’s/Chipotle/Red Robin

Favorite Place to study? 2nd Floor of the library.

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Don’t procrastinate and be diligent in your studies!”

Meet the PSL’s: Ashley

Meet our Peer Student Leader: Ashley!




Native or Transfer Student? Native

Class? Senior

Major/Program? History Education K-12

Minors? N/A

Why did you choose Montclair? Proximity to home. Liked the campus atmosphere. Also enjoyed the surrounding areas and proximity to nearby activities. Also has a great education program.

Activities/Extra curricular’s? Peer Student Leader, Peer Advisor with CAST

Favorite place to eat? (On and Off Campus) Rathskeller On campus, Jose Tejas Off Campus

Favorite Place to study? In Dorm Room

Anything you would like to add or say to the new class of transfer students? “Welcome to Red Hawk Country! Study Hard. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime! GET INVOLVED!!!”

Tips to land a summer job

summer-jobSummer is here and you need to make some extra cash. While your friends and family are making money at their jobs or internships, you are struggling to find work. If this sounds like you, know that it’s not too late to find a summer job. Here are some tips to finding a summer job!


If you’re looking for a job, make sure others around you are aware. Post a Facebook status to let family and friends in on your job search and have them notify you if a position opens up. In this case, more people keeping a lookout are better than just one. If you keep in touch with your professors, contact them for opportunities. Just graduated? If your school has an alumni office, reach out to them and see if they know anyone who is hiring. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Resume and Cover Letter

If you don’t already have a resume and a cover letter, now is the time to create one. Contact Career Services (973.655.5194 or email at to help you compose one.  Your resume and cover letter are the first things employers look at, so it’s important to make sure they stand out. Make sure you proofread it or have someone review it before sending it to employers.

Remember Interviews are a Two-Way Street

A job interview is a two-way street where you should be asking the employer questions to determine whether you‘re the right fit for the company. It shows that you have done your research on the company and that you are genuinely interested in working for them. When thinking of questions to ask, make sure that questions can’t be easily answered through a quick Google search. You are not the only one making a good impression on the employer, but the employer must make a good impression on you.

Dress to Impress

Be sure to dress accordingly for a job interview. Your first impression is a lasting one and you want make sure that you look presentable and confident. Even if you think your potential job has a relaxed dress code policy, come professionally dressed. Your employer will be impressed with your appearance. It is always better to come overdressed, than to come under dressed.

These are just a few of the many tips in order to find a summer job. Another great source to see if Montclair is hiring any students would be to check this link.

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment or suggestion, we would be happy to hear from you.